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CreditwageringCredit Wagering Review:

Credit Wager Review from their website:

CreditWagering is a unique betting site that allows you to wager with a $1000 line of credit. Simply sign up, validate your email, send a copy of your ID and you're good to go. No deposits, no credit check, no delays.

Creditwagering settles up on a weekly basis, Any customer who is up $400 or more at weeks end, will have a Debit Card sent to them on Wednesday providing they make a withdrawal request no later than 9:00 am EST on Wednesday. Conversely, any customer who is down $400 or more at weeks end, must make a deposit within one week for the entire amount owed prior to placing additional wagers. Creditwagering accounts that are up or down less than $400 will be carried over to the next settlement period.

Credit Wagering Review- Our Opinion:

Creditwagering offers typical MMA betting like most other sites, they appear to follow the odds posted by BetOnFighting. The Creditwagering line of credit is the reason to use this site, withdrawing is fast and easy with their debit card.

There are three big reasons to choose

  1. No deposit hassles. If you want to get a bet down on short notice, Creditwagering is a great option.
  2. Free and convenient withdrawals.
  3. Great customer service.

Creditwagering is still new and the verdict is unknown at this time. If you decide to give them a try, act like an adult and play by the rules. The line of credit is a loan and money owed ($400+) will be due by the following Sunday.

Creditwagering will deduct $30 from your account for your debit card, then all remaining transactions are free and can be added to your card on Thursdays. Western Union, Money Gram and several credit cards are accepted for deposits.


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Credit Wagering review date: March 3, 2009
Credit Wagering review date: Dec. 17, 2008

CreditWagering Review

  • Credit Only Players will now receive a 15% cash load bonus when you settle your balance in full by Thursday.
  • Post Up Players will receive a 20% cash bonus on initial deposit and 15% cash re-load bonus.
  • $25 Refer a Friend