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UFC Fighter Profile - Melvin Guillard (interview)UFC Melvin Guillard


Its hard to believe that Guillard is still only 23, he has a ton of fight experience already.  Melvin was in TUF 2 and showed early glimpses of the incredible talent he possesses. He is currently fighting in the lightweight (155) class where he will hold a strength advantage over most fighters.


From a betting standpoint, Melvin is a complicated fighter.  His combination of strength, speed and quickness is incredible and makes him appear unbeatable.  But... he has lapses where his opponents gain an advantage and end up defeating him.  It hard to trust him to win any fight, but it is also difficult to bet against him.


Guillard has explosive striking with both his punching and kicks, his body blow knockout of Gabe Ruediger demonstrated how potent his striking can be.  He is strong enough to control most fighters in the clinch where he can work his Muay Thai effectively.  His wrestling is solid but not great.  Melvin's best chance for victory is to remain standing.


It almost appears that he loses interest as the fight hits the mat, Melvin has been submitted several times by inferior fighters.  He needs to improve his focus and submission defense.  Guillard's level of competition has been somewhat weak.  He will need to tighten up his game as he starts moving up in competition. 


Remember, he is young and very capable of putting it all together at any point in time.  A solid win over a quality opponent might be all it takes for Melvin to be a very serious title contender.



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