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Parlay Strategies

One of the most popular MMA gambling wagers is a parlay.  Parlays offer the  player a chance to win a lot by risking just a little.  That type of  wager will always be popular.

Even though many MMA betting players like to bet parlays, most are not very successful in the long run.  There are several things we can do  to improve our chances of winning when betting parlays, and that is what we will discuss here.  Sportsbooks love parlays because they are difficult for the average UFC bettor to hit  and the sportsbooks have a high win percentage.  There are some  things you can do though to reduce this percentage.  You might want to key one fighter in multiple parlays.  This is one way to reduce the edge the sportsbooks hold  because you are now putting your best choice  in multiple parlays so that when your key fighter wins you have a much better chance of hitting your parlays.  Here's an example using some fighters from UFC 68:

Key fighter- Matt Hughes -500

                                                                                                   zewkey.com's Parlay Calculator

Parlay 1:  Matt Hughes -500

               Randy Couture  +240         Bet:  $100 to win $308

Parlay 2:  Matt Hughes -500                                                     

               Jason MacDonald +400     Bet $100 to win $500

Another parlay strategy that some UFC Bettors consider is to put together two probable winners in a three  team parlay.  Many UFC players that bet parlays on a regular  basis will look at the three fighter parlay before the four fighter, 5  fighter, etc.  It gets very difficult to hit those multiple fighter  parlays when they get above 3 guys.  Once in a great while you will  see a 4 fighter parlay come in but think about this,  when was the last time  you went 5-0 on a one event?  When was the last time you went 4-0?  It is  not easy is it?  I know you can probably think of a few times you  have picked three straight though.  That is why many people keep their  parlays at 3 fighters since the payoff is still good at 6-1.  Example:

Matt Hughes -500

Tim Sylvia -280

Jason MacDonald +400               Bet $50 to win $357

If you are going to be betting parlays on a regular  basis you can consider some of these tips.  There is little doubt  that parlays are a huge draw for sportsbooks and for  MMA bettors.  They  offer a lot and really don't cost very much to play.  The problem as  we pointed out is that they are so difficult to hit.  That is why I  recommend keeping your parlays to 2 or 3 fighters.  I am a  fan  of the three man parlay because I think that getting 6-1 odds is a better bet than the 2.6 -1 you get with the 2 man parlay.  Going any higher than 3 is just asking for at least one of the guys  in your parlay to lose.  Hopefully when you bet your next parlay you  will keep some of these things in mind and be a winner.


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