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About Zewkey.com


Zewkey.com was formed in January 2007 to help adult MMA fans who bet (real or fantasy) on extreme fighting action.  We want to provide you with some unique news and information in the world of MMA.


Free gifts, it must be a scam.  No, Zewkey.com is an affiliate.  We get paid to bring people by other sites to bring them customers.  We then share some of the money with you by providing gifts or rewards.  


You donít have to use Zewkey.com, but why not?  If youíre going to bet on the fights anyway, you might as well get something extra too. 


We will keep you up to date on various promotions run by the sportsbooks.  We will provide you with customer service to help you get all the promotions you deserve.  Zewkey.com will even have special promos not available to non members.  


This is still a work in progress, please offer any suggestions or comments.