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Interview with Chris Lytle
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Chris Lytle connectsChris Lytle was the runner up on season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter: The Comeback. He lost a hotly debated decision to recent UFC welterweight champion, Matt Serra in the finals. Since his time on the show Chris has been improving with every fight, winning his last fight over Kyle Bradley at UFC 81 by TKO is just 33 seconds. Chris Lytle takes on the ever improving welterweight Josh Koscheck at UFC 86 on July 5th.

Dave Franklin: We just started the 7th season of The Ultimate Fighter. What do you think the series has done for the sport and for the UFC?

Chris Lytle: It's help make the sport into a household name. A free weekly show is like showing thousands of commercials for the sport. Lots of exposure and people love to watch it.

DF: You gained a lot of recognition on TUF 4, tell us about your choice to go on the show and your time in the house?

CL: It wasn't much of a choice, I jumped at the offer. I don't usually get that type of training opportunity and ability to dedicate that much time to fighting so it was a no brainer.

DF: In the finals, the judges had you losing a close decision. Many fans have argued that you should have got the win. After re-watching the fight, do you agree with the judge’s decision?

CL: You know I don't agree but I understand it's very subjective. It totally depends on what each judge is looking for. One judge gave me all three rounds. Another gave Serra all three. You don't really know. Serra and I knew how to nullify each other from training together for so long and that make for a close fight.

DF: Were you shocked when Matt Serra defeated Georges St. Pierre to take the welterweight title?

CL: Not as shocked as most. I knew how good he was and that he had a great chance. Most thought GSP was unstoppable and nobody in this sport is.

DF: Can Serra do it again?

CL: Once again, he has a good chance, better than most think. It's not a good matchup for GSP. He now knows that Serra has power in his hands and if GSP takes him down, Serra is one of the best in the world off his back.

DF: Do you want a re-match with Matt Serra?

CL: It depends on what’s on the line. If it's for the title than hell ya. If not, than no. He's still a friend and I want him to win all his fights. Unless it really benefits one of us, I'll just fight someone else.

DF: The welterweight division is probably the deepest in the UFC if not all of MMA. Where do you think you stand in the division?

CL: We will find the answer to that on July 5th because words mean nothing. Only actions.

DF: At UFC 86 in July, you are facing another top welterweight in Josh Koscheck. How did this fight come about? Did you ask for it?

CL: I didn't ask for it but I jumped at the offer. I always love to test myself against the top fighters.

DF: Josh Koscheck is best known for his wrestling including his vicious takedowns. Recently he has showed quite a bit of improvement in his stand-up. What is your take on him and how are you preparing?

CL: He's become a true MMA fighter and is actually good in all aspects. I have to train in all areas for this fight.

DF: I know fighters don’t like to look past opponents, but what is next for Chris Lytle?

CL: Whatever they want. I'm just excited to fight anyone right now.

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