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Jesse TaylorThe Money Shot: Jess Taylor's TUF 7 Blog-Episode 5
by Jesse Taylor  Subscribe in a reader

Note- TUF 7 competitor Jesse Taylor will be writing about his experience during the show. Look for a new posting after each episode. Thanks to Jesse and Dave Franklin.

TUF TapoutYOYOYO. Whatsup America and foreign countries that get Spike TV. I hope you are enjoying the season and tonight we see what a punk-ass Jeremy May is. I have met a lot of people who really piss me off, but I do not think anyone can top May. I don't want to talk about him or give him the pleasure of me talking about him because that is what he wants - just attention. He does not deserve to be in any more sentences of my beautiful work and the guy does not learn lessons. You will see. Jeremy is kind of like that annoying monkey that never really fits in the group and is banished from the group, causing him to be a nomad where he just gets eaten by lions. Symbolically, that is how his life will continue if he does not change; you think by getting your ass kicked in real fighting you'd learn - this guy does not. This is the last I will talk about him and please forget he ever existed.

So, Tim arm-barred "Chipper" Matt Riddle in the second round, giving Team Forrest the lead 2-0. Now Dante Rivera was up. Before I get into the fight, let me give you a quick rundown of the house so far. We were getting used to the house and comfortable by now, or at least most people. The "BAMF" annoyed every single living thing in the world and messed with Matt Brown's chewing tobacco. Not a smart move by not-a-smart fella. Matt Brown was my teammate on the show, and like a true Team Forrest protege, he knows nothing less than going full speed all the time. He did not tolerate Jeremy's dumbass behavior and I am amazed, knowing Matt Brown, that he did not literally kill Jeremy May. Our team was really coming together and we all did not mind beating the crap out of each other. Now we start to bond more with our Team, and even though I get along with everyone in the house, I started to really feel connected with the dudes on my team. The food was good, we had a spa, and I love to order White Castle cheeseburgers. I get away with things sometimes but my theory is balance. You must have balance in life, and eating unhealthy once in a while trying to eat healthy most the time just creates balance. Now on to my brother Dante Rivera. I bonded very well with Dante, and we had our fights verbally much like Riddle and Dante; however our arguments were more funny and usually consisted of him giving me a hard time about my toe fungus and me with his scuzzz. You guys will see. Let me remind you Dante is an awesome jits guy. He has a plethora of grappling matches and is a brown belt, almost a black belt. Dante is a southpaw and it was an honor training with Dante because he really helped my jiu jitsu out as well and was very knowledgeable and informative. Much Love to my boy. He had to fight Brandon Sene, MOHAWK. I did not know much about Brandon, other than he looked buffer than me and I was jealous of that. So we knew he was strong as an ox. He had decent all around MMA and is a true hero. He was a Marine sniper in Iraq. Still, I am loyal and knew in my mind that Dante would handle Brandon.

The first round was all Dante, even though not much significant damage was done. If you understand fighting, it was very technical. Dante kept passing his guard and controlling position of his downed foe. He could not submit the strong Brandon and tried for knee bar/foot lock toward the end of the first round, and still managed to control the position. In the second it was much the same, although Brandon reversed Dante at the end and landed some bombs. Still, I give both rounds to Dante. Even know the fight might look boring, Dante was winning and controlling the fight. There really should not be any controversy here other than Brandon losing. In the third round Dante out-wrestled and just out-worked the tough Mohawked man. Dante gathered himself and squeaked the win. Rampage had a rampage, and Forrest was happy. Rampage is getting very upset about his team and I don't blame him. He is very competitive. Team Forrest was in the right mind-frame and now we keep the ball in our court. A huge advantage. We get to pick the fights and who we want to fight. Dante won the fight, and you have to think it looked boring to some viewers because they don't understand. Brandon is a big, strong, tough dude and I'm sure he was not easy just to wallop. I wish they could show you guys more on how hard our team, actually trained. I am sure they will, but Forrest is a maniac and I love him for that. His philosophy is pretty much train all the time, everyday, super hard until physically you just need a day off. I don't even know if Forrest takes a day off, even right after fights. And that is the right mindset. Even when I'm not training I am still doing something, such as wrestling with my son, climbing light poles, throwing heavy rocks, or shadowboxing demons. Welp that's about it this time. Catch y'all later and stay tuned by going to www.yojtmoney.com


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