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UFC Fighter Profile - Kenny FlorianUFC Kenny Florian  (interview)


Kenny Florian is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu who first hit the MMA scene at TUF 1 where he fought as a middleweight.  Although fighting larger opponents, he made it to finals where he lost to Diego Sanchez.  KenFlo is currently fighting as a lightweight and is making his first appearance since his loss to Sherk in a title matchup for the UFC Lightweight Championship.


Florian is continually underestimated by the MMA community despite an impressive BJJ and Submission Wrestling resume.  As a bettor, you should carefully consider Kenny in fights where his listed as an underdog or as a small favorite.  He is not a dominating fighter, so proceed with caution if he's listed as a sizable favorite.


He is dedicated professional that will come to a fight well prepared and ready for action.  His strength is a potent recipe of submission attempts and wicked (Boston thing) elbows.  Kenny throws elbows better than anyone in MMA and his fights often end up messy.  He is very good at maintaining position and working submissions when in a defensive posture. 


Florian will struggle against opponents that have superior strength and great ground defense, like Sherk.  His long range striking needs to improve before he can be a three dimensional threat at the championship level. 


Strengths:  Ground attack, focus and preparation.

Weakness: Strength, Effective Punching



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