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Kimbo Slice Profile

D.O.B.: 02/8/1974
Weight: 250 lb
Height: 6'2"
Fighting style: Street Brawler
MMA Record: 3-1
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Kimbo Slice is a YouTube legend turn MMA fighter. Kimbo was a star linebacker in High School, but attended the University of Miami on an academic scholarship. At age 13, while defending a friend, he discovered his fighting gift and has been testing it ever since. Kimbo Slice was training under former MMA champion Bas Rutten, but now works with American Top Team.

Kimbo Slice considers his ability to "see punches coming" as a special gift which allows him to be a successful fighter. He is an intimidating figure who's reputation is already significant even in the MMA world. The book is still out on his submission skills, wrestling prowess, takedown defense, stamina, etc... But we do know that he is a deadly standup fighter with a lot of confidence. He might be a 1 trick pony, but it's a pretty good trick for now.

Kimbo Slice has plenty of critics and doubters who claim that he's just a street punk that has never fought anyone with ability. Time will tell. Kimbo has committed 100% to sanctioned fighting and Rutten knows how to guide a fighter, all the ingredients are there. So for now, Kimbo is an intriguing prospect that brings a high entertainment level to his events. Intimidation, hype and persona are all somewhat similar to the young Mike Tyson.

Kimbo suffered the loss to Petruzelli but still remains a huge draw and will be featured in The Ultimate Fighter 10.

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