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Pride 34 odds and betting here


Pride 34 Odds and Analysis Pride 34 odds


Pride 34 Kamikaze fires up on April 8th.  Pride 34 currently features Shinya Aoki taking on Brian Lo-A-Njoe, Jeff Monson, Ironhead Fujita and "the conqueror" Sokoudjou.  Pride 34 Odds, analysis and info will be here at zewkey.com 


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Pride 34 Odds will be posted when they come out. 


Analyzing the action for Pride 34 should be done exactly like any other sport, one fighter may be a deadly striker, known for his knockout power; the other fighter may be a brilliant submission expert that preys upon every mistake.


With a large variety of mixed martial arts, it's vital to know each competitors style of fighting and how he matches up against the otherís particular style.


A fighter's win-loss record is an indicator of his talent but doesn't always suggest legitimate chances of winning or losing. For example: A record of 12-9 may be misleading if a fighter has gotten better in his recent matches.


If a guy comes into the contest having won his last several consecutive fights, it's wise to throw previous losses out and not be influenced by his mediocre record. Often, these caliber of fighters will be tagged the underdogs, providing you the shot at a big payday.  Pay close attention to these kinds of fighter if they have several fights in the last 6 to 8 months. 

Sunday, April 8th will be a great night for Pride 34.  Letís start identifying some good Pride betting opportunities, here is the full card.  Discussion has started in the forum



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