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Rummy Rules!!!

Gin Rummy is the game I grew up playing. My friends and I used to hover in the card room hawking all the old guys, trying to learn how the "experts" really played cards. Ahh, what memories. It was like a daily scene out of a Dan Jenkins (Dead Solid Perfect) novel.

Rummy Royal is a new card site that is all about Rummy. I have been playing there for several days and have come up with a couple conclusions..

  1. It's great.
  2. A lot of online card players don't know squat about rummy.
  3. The tournaments are a blast.
  4. The game software is good. It runs smoothly and its fast.

Rummy Royal accepts PayPal! They are offering a 100% deposit bonus. It just like the good ole days during the poker boom. Currently they are running 2 free roll tournaments a day that average about 100 players.

Rummy Royal offers Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin and Kalooki. Rules are explained for each game and they have interactive tutorials if you need help. Further rules assistance can be gained by playing live games using "play money" until you are comfortable with the rules and how the site operates.

I highly recommend Rummy Royal.

Online Rummy Rules!

Play Online Rummy

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