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Sportsbook.com Review

Sportsbook, Online Poker, Casino, Horse Betting

Name:  Sportsbook.com

Website: Sportsbook

Bonus Codes:  none

US Players:  Yes

New Account Bonuses:      10% Deposit bonus

                                                20% Referral bonus

                                                  5% Reloads on Thursday


Deposit Options:                  Visa, Mastercard


Payout options:                    Cashiers Check                      

                                                delivered via FedEx-Free once

                                                monthly ($250 or more).  $30

                                                fee for more than 1 per month.

                                                Details Here


Promotions:                           Various Contests

Zewkey Review:


Sportsbook.com is not recommended at this time by Zewkey.com due to 2 reasons.


1.  Slow payment of withdrawals.

2.  Poor customer service


Both problems occurred at a difficult time for the industry, and I will re-evaluate Sportsbook.com on June 1st.



From the Sportsbook.com website:

About BetUS.com

Sportsbook.com is the largest sports book and casino on the planet, where millions of adult Americans bet on sports, play poker and enjoy blackjack and other casino games online in a regulated and licensed jurisdiction.

Twice named the "Best US Sports Book" by the industry's top magazine (2005, 2006), eGaming Review, Sportsbook.com has been leading the online gaming industry since 1996.

Dwarfing its nearest competitors in the US, Sportsbook.com has been the first to achieve every significant industry milestone, from record turnover to active users to number of bets--achieving a peak of fifteen bets per second. As the US online gaming leader, the firm and its products have been featured on CBS 60 Minutes, CNN, ESPN, Wall Street Journal, Barrons, Financial Times, USA Today and in every major newspaper in the US.

Sportsbook.com is privately owned with offices worldwide.

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