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Urijah FaberUrijah Faber Profile

STYLE--wrestling, muay thai, kickboxing
TEAM--Capital City Fighting Alliance

Walkout Music: That Go

Urijah Faber has pushed the WEC into the elite of MMA organizations. Faber wins in spectacular fashion usually finishing his opponents (21 wins, 4 decisions), while taking on all comers. Urijah has a recent title defense against the very high-profiled Jens Pulver whom he beat in a very dominant 5 round unanimous decision. Fighting styles tend to make fights and Faber's style presents all sorts of problems to everyone. Kickboxing and Muay Thai has become a strength of his to go along with his dominant wrestling base. Take Faber to the ground and his submission game has given black belts major problems. For Faber, there really isn't a weakness to his game.

Urijah Faber was raised in Sacramento where he participated in many different sports but wrestling is the one sport he stood out in. Urijah went to the University of California-Davis without a scholarship but earned one following his freshman wrestling year. Faber started his sophomore year as the starter in the 133lb class and kept that spot until he finished his collegiate career. Urijah finished as the all-time wins leader and the University of California-Davis and a two-time NCAA Division 1 qualifier where he finished in the top 12 in 2002. Following graduation, where Faber earned a Bachelor of Science degree, he stayed on the UC-Davis staff as the lightweight wrestling coach and began his MMA career.

The island of Bali is one place that Urijah Faber has no need to return to. It's an island in Indonesia and he took on the greatest challenge of his life. Urijah ventured into a nightclub by himself and ran into some problems. A patron stared Faber down and after some pushing they went outside to fight. Outside he was attacked by several different people and was eventually hit with brass knuckles,a rock and a bottle. To escape the attack he ran back inside the nightclub where he was attacked by 12 people including bouncers. He eventually ran down the street, was chased and had to fight in a store, before running away and fleeing the scene in a taxi. After recieving seven stitches in his head he finally returned home.

Urijah Faber dominated the 145 lb division for several years but suffered a couple losses to Mike Brown and Jose Aldo in the last year, so he's moving down to the Bantamweight division and making his first appearance in the UFC at UFC 128.

Urijah Faber Profile: Gabe June 17, 2009

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