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UFC Parlay Tips & Information

What is a Parlay Bet?

I've been around gambling my entire life but still remember the first time learning about a parlay, but that's another story. Although I know the answer, I started from scratch and did a little research. First the basics.

The standard parlay is a single wager that includes a combination of selections(teams/fighters). In order to win the parlay, all the individual selections must win. The payoff is much larger than picking a single winner and grows exponentially as more selections are included into the parlay odds. (see accompanying graph).

Here's an example of a simple parlay:

  • Bet $100 parlay on Amanda Nunes +200 & Alexander Gustafsson +230.
  • Both Nunes & Gustafsson win and collect $890 in profit.
  • Either Nunes or Gustafsson lose and you've lost the bet.

In contrast, by betting $100 on both Nunes and Gustafsson straight up, you stand to win a total of $430 - while risking $200.

Parlay Odds Table

Fighters Vegas Payout Online Payout
2 2.6/1 2.6/1
3 6/1 6/1
4 10/1 12/1
5 20/1 24/1
6 40/1 47/1
7 75/1 91/1
8 150/1 175/1

Getting Started with Parlay Bets

The basics of the parlay calculator have been explained, and you’ve seen how the odds on parlay betting works. Now you're ready to give those big odds a chance and cash in some fat payouts, as a serious MMA bettor mastering the parlay is a key component to long term profitability.

One major benefit of parlay betting is ties or pushes reduce down the number of bets and related odds within your parlay. Unfortunately as a UFC bettor, that's not the case unless the fight ends up as a no decision. The good news is you can combine events or even different sports within the same parlay, which gives you great flexibility when building a winning combination. For example you can do the following:

Multiple event parlaying is an outstanding first step in expanding your MMA betting skills. Start by choosing the fighters you have the highest confidence of winning regardless of which event they're in. Parlaying your best picks on multiple events may not give you a quick payoff, but you will win a higher percentage of bets while you're learning the basics of UFC wagering.

Important Details

  1. Start small - Start your parlay bets small, 25% of your regular straight bet. The big payouts can be tempting, but play it safe until you get a feel for how often you win/lose your parlays.
  2. Start small again - Personally I'd stick with 2 or 3 team/fighter parlays for a majority of the time. At first stay away from the 5+ combinations, odds are you won't win many of those - especially as an inexperienced bettor. It's very frustrating, and torturously common, to hit 5 legs of a 6 bet parlay. Unfortunately 5 of 6 is the same as 0 for 6... loser.