BetMania Review

"For me... I've got to like the sportsbook I'm wagering with. There are lots of options to choose from so why not pick one worthy of your business? The owner of BetMania is accessible and willing to go the extra mile for customers, which is why I recommend them for UFC bettors."
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2018 BetMania Review

It's been a while since I tried a new sportsbook, but a close friend suggested I give BetMania a try. She said the bonuses were huge and I'd be more than happy with their betting options and customer service. After some research I was a little hesitant due to some unfavorable reviews I saw, but I trust my friend and she's been playing there for awhile so I decided to give them a try.

Benefits for UFC/MMA Bettors

  1. Payouts - MMA bettors are known to have some big wins from time to time. That's exactly when you'll be happy to see a next day payout come through.
  2. Odds - BetMania post early odds on the major UFC events. This opens up more parlay options, as you can combine fighters in seperate events to build some sizeable payout opportunities.
  3. 100% Reload Bonus - Reload bonuses are a big deal when you're playing at a quality sportsbook. I don't like jumping around from site to site anymore and find you'll get more bonus money/benefits if you build a long term relationship with a single site.

What Kind of Bettor are You?

BetMania is very friendly to casual bettors (most UFC bettors) with it's large bonuses and excellent customer service. More experience bettors will love the high limits on straight wagers. Betmania's juice on UFC events is a different than many other sites... You'll find very low juice on closely matched fights, but a bit higher juice on heavy favorites. I have yet to see live betting on UFC events, but hope that will change soon.