Jazz Sports Review

Jazz Sportsbook and Casino Review

So this won't be a typical review. I'm not sure the following story is 100% accurate, but it's much better than the same old, tired sportsbook review material. For what it's worth, I like the guys at Jazz Sports and they provide quality customer service, including live streaming games along with live odds. Try talking to them as friends, discuss the games your betting and have a good time.

Legend has it… the owner of Jazz Sports was once a remarkable sports bettor who’s high stakes basketball action was legendary. Vegas eventually got wise and started limiting his bets while quickly shifting lines based on his wagers. He was so good several large sports books refused his prop bets on NBA games. How he achieved this is another story for a different day...

Now this started to sting a bit as night after night he stewed over missed wagers. Back in the day, things were changing and new opportunities were presenting themselves in places like Costa Rica. So a plan was hatched to open a new online sports book, the kicker is that he wanted to use Vegas’ own money to fund the operation - as kind of a middle finger to them. So he got together with a friend from high school who was fired up about the idea, the plan was to spend two-to-three months putting together enough winnings to bankroll the show. He’d come up with picks while his friend would place the bets spread out over several Vegas sports books.

The two friends got off to strong start, hitting a couple big scores without enduring a losing stretch. They built up almost $350,000 in winnings in less than a month!

Enter the Utah Jazz. Now our owner knew the Jazz well and was confident they were ready to destroy Portland in a mid season showdown of Championship contenders. Not only was he confident of a win, he was sure this is where the Jazz would get a big lead and rest Karl Malone and John Stockton. A perfect situation for a correlated parlay… Jazz -2½ + under 202½. Our boys made their move, in all $45,000 on the line for a huge parlay.

What transpired was one of the ugliest regular season game in NBA history. After 4 quarters it was 90 -90, the Jazz had screwed up several chances to seal the game late in the 4th quarter. Now just imagine the sweat as the game enter Overtime #2. With 2 seconds left and the score sitting at 100 -102 in favor of the Blazers… Damon Stoudamire was standing at the free throw line. A grim reaper with a 83% FT, he bricks two shots and the parlay covers by ½ point in both legs. So there it is… the beginning of Jazz sports.


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